My daughter turned 3.

Just like that. Five seconds ago I was writhing in a hospital bed, convinced I was going to die before I ever saw her brand new face. And now she’s three. She’s a running, joking, smiling, opinionating three.

There are lots of things that she’s outgrown, but some of the things she’s outgrown that I will miss the most are her ways of bending the English language to suit her needs. I recently saw another blogger post a list of phrases or words his child was no longer using, and I was moved to commemorate some of L’s turns of phrase that she’s letting go of as she gains more of a stranglehold over English. (That’s how I like to describe my own approach to communicating.) Anyway, in no particular order..

Come mas: This is how L says “come with us.” Examples include “Bunny come mas?” Or “Daddy come mas?” She is always concerned about attendance, and very specifically, the presenceĀ of her favorite people. The day she first articulates “Will Daddy come with us?” I will applaud and cry in equal measure.

Carrotted: One of L’s favorite activities on her Kindle is a game where you are a vet, and you treat animals with various medical problems. When she successfully helps an animal in the game, she joyfully tells me how she’s “carrotted” the animal. This is how she says she has cured the animal, and the smile on her face as she describes the carrotting makes me think she’s already heard her calling.

Macaknowknee n cheese n peas n corn: IĀ have always loved to add peas to my macaroni and cheese. R suggested adding corn too, to give it a nice crunch. So L has only ever been served Mac n Cheese n Peas n Corn. And every time she requests this favorite meal, she pronounces macaroni in the cutest way possible, and then lists all the ingredients for me so I won’t forget any of them.

Mommy pwease pick me up: Even though she weighs 40 pounds I still happily carry my little one whenever she asks, for as long as I can. Because one day she’ll be my height and the days when she’d ask me to carry her will feel like a lifetime ago.

I celebrate all her new achievements and etch her many accomplishments in my mind. But I know sometimes I’ll just want to sit and think about the evolution of her, and these little pieces will help prompt a bunch of happy memories from when she was my little girl.