And we’re back!

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season. We had the chance to host one of our dearest friends for Thanksgiving, and showed him all the wonders our new home town had to offer. Just kidding, we totally sat around in our pajamas eating too much and watching movies. I did get to share the wonders of a much loved family recipe with my awesome new MN friends, who loved it as much as we all have for years, so that was very rewarding.

We spent the middle of December on a boat. Our second Disney cruise, to be precise. Disney has perfected vacations and cruises are no different. We sailed on the Disney Wonder and got to enjoy being unplugged for a solid week. Then we spent a quick weekend with friends in Houston and it was back north for Christmas.

I felt mixed emotions about being gone for 10 days of my precious Christmas season. I really really love Christmas, and I did miss being away from our new home and experiencing the season just as things were starting to ramp up. Between that and the odd weather, I just never got around to feeling Christmasy. Until Boxing Day, of course. Timely as always. But then again I’ll never complain about being on a cruise.

New Year’s we went to the birthday party of a charming young man, the son of one of my MN friends. L had a ball playing with all the kids and talking to the birthday boy’s uncle for the better part of an hour about her sippy cup and snacks, while he very patiently did not ask her to please stop standing in front of the football game he was watching.

An overall low key but enjoyable holiday season.

I didn’t end up making resolutions for this year, really. Last year proved that anything can happen, so fuck your plans. Instead I decided to pick my focus for the year, a focus I could apply to decisions, plans, and the day to day. This year’s focus is self care. I’ve been letting a lot slip when it comes to slowing down and taking time and energy to serve my own needs. So now every day I try to set aside some time to think about what I’ve done and what I can do to make sure I’m taking care of myself. I know it’s only day 22 but so far so good.

I hope you all had a wonderful season and set sail with happy hearts in 2016.