Tomorrow we are putting our two elderly cats to sleep. They have crossed the point where life tips away from joy and down into struggle. R has owned these ladies since they were handfuls of fluff, only a couple weeks old. Now 16 years later it is time to say goodnight.

We have each discussed their impending departure with L. I dug out the Mr. Rogers book I bought about a year ago when our dog passed away. Tonight we got out the laser pointer and the catnip and sat with the cats for a bit.

Watching them roll around in the nip, R got misty eyed.

L: Are you sad?

R: Yes, I am.

L: Do you want to talk about it?

She then went over and gave him a big hug, and they sat together and talked about their memories of the cats.

It was an incredible moment. The person we are raising is by far better than either of us. Her innate caring and empathy are inspiring. I am so incapable of articulating how proud I am of her. And she’s only 5.

Keep shining, my little sunshine.