On my way to work today, three people died, and it was hilarious.

Ever go through a period of time where listening to music just isn’t comfortable? I’ve been going through one of those times for about a year now. Sure, there are a few songs that I will put on and play at all volumes over and over again (Wait for It from Hamilton is tattooed on my soul now), but generally I just can’t music recently. It’s too evocative intellectually and emotionally. But what is a woman with two 45 minute drives a day to do? Minnesota drivers are far too infuriating to have to deal with them with no distractions whatsoever.

So, I discovered something the young people are into – podcasts. You should try them. They are fun. And you should especially try My Favorite Murder.

It’s not a perfect podcast, but it’s about one of my favorite evil interests – true crime. Descriptions of some of the most horrible things people can do to other people, juxtaposed with commentary and humor by two average people – not lawyers or police or profilers, just a couple of true crime friends.

Aside from the reassurance that there are other people in the world with as dark a sense of humor as mine, I’ve wondered why I enjoy listening to this recounting of horrific murders. There’s a bit of a totemic aspect to listening – if I hear what terrors have befallen others, those terrors can’t happen to me. There’s also a bit of a perspective setting – whatever I’m struggling with isn’t anywhere as bad as it could be. There’s also a lesson – don’t hitchhike, listen to your gut, cats can be trained to meow for cookies. Ok, so not all the lessons are about how not to get murdered.

But regardless – I’ve really enjoyed having these two funny women tell me sickening stories about the very basest of humans on my way to and from work.

Because at the very least, listening to stories of murder makes me feel far less like murdering my fellow drivers.