Escape of the Inner Monologue

World, inside of my head. Inside of my head, world.


Me: Ok, you’re going to a big crowded place with lots of people. What are your rules? L: Stay where (babysitters) can see me. Me: And? L: And where I can see them. Me: And are you going to go anywhere with a stranger? L: No! Me: And what do you do if a stranger tries to make you go someplace with them? L: Yell? Me: Yep. Yell and fight.. Read More

New Foods: Guacamole

L: Mom, I tried whaucamole at school today! Me: Oh neat! Did you like it? L: It tasted like slop and car gas! Me:…. L: Like, mixed together. Me: Got it. You didn’t say that to the cook, did you? L: No, but I’m saying it to you so you know I really tried it. Me: Ah. Well. I’m proud of you for trying it. L: The chips were good!