Escape of the Inner Monologue

World, inside of my head. Inside of my head, world.

Tears and Pride

Tomorrow we are putting our two elderly cats to sleep. They have crossed the point where life tips away from joy and down into struggle. R has owned these ladies since they were handfuls of fluff, only a couple weeks old. Now 16 years later it is time to say goodnight. We have each discussed their impending departure with L. I dug out the Mr. Rogers book I bought about.. Read More


Me: Ok, you’re going to a big crowded place with lots of people. What are your rules? L: Stay where (babysitters) can see me. Me: And? L: And where I can see them. Me: And are you going to go anywhere with a stranger? L: No! Me: And what do you do if a stranger tries to make you go someplace with them? L: Yell? Me: Yep. Yell and fight.. Read More

New Foods: Guacamole

L: Mom, I tried whaucamole at school today! Me: Oh neat! Did you like it? L: It tasted like slop and car gas! Me:…. L: Like, mixed together. Me: Got it. You didn’t say that to the cook, did you? L: No, but I’m saying it to you so you know I really tried it. Me: Ah. Well. I’m proud of you for trying it. L: The chips were good!