Escape of the Inner Monologue

World, inside of my head. Inside of my head, world.


This morning at 5am, my daughter stood by my side of the bed, whispering Mommy and petting my arm. I came awake with the state of mind that I think is reserved for caretakers being awakened in the night – absolutely clear and fully functional yet able to fall back asleep as soon as the need level is assessed. “What is it, my love?” “Mommy, I want to lie down next to you.”.. Read More

Adieu, Come mas

My daughter turned 3. Just like that. Five seconds ago I was writhing in a hospital bed, convinced I was going to die before I ever saw her brand new face. And now she’s three. She’s a running, joking, smiling, opinionating three. There are lots of things that she’s outgrown, but some of the things she’s outgrown that I will miss the most are her ways of bending the English.. Read More

Life, To Go

Since our relocation, I’ve been working remotely, an arrangement that requires me to visit one of our two primary US offices each month. So I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently, and I’ve developed a top 5 list of bits of advice I think I’ll print on cards to hand out during my next trip: Security is not a surprise: I am always authentically excited for people who are taking their first.. Read More