Escape of the Inner Monologue

World, inside of my head. Inside of my head, world.


So several weeks ago I posted a chipper little piece on how I was enjoying my new uterine accessory, the Mirena IUD. Oh 20/20 hindsight, aren’t you a peach. Several days after posting that piece I began to acknowledge that I hadn’t taken a deep breath in several days. I thought, well, I am super stressed out about the upcoming relocation, move away from all my friends and familiar places,.. Read More

Two Lessons Learned in the Past 24 Hours

Lesson One: Technology =¬†Getting Slapped in the Balls So if Murphy wrote laws specifically designed for blogs, I bet one of them would be “When you finally decide to publicly announce that you’re spilling your inner musings onto a web page, when you’ve mustered the courage to offer up your tender inner vulnerable core of feelings to the world, when you throw caution and fear of judgment to the wind.. Read More

So That Happened

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and the reason is that I’ve been caught up in a sea change – my family relocated from my lifelong hometown to Minneapolis. My husband was offered a fantastic job, and we decided to go for it. And we’ve been packing, moving, working logistics, and reorienting for the last month or so. I’m still feeling so greatly overwhelmed by this whole thing that.. Read More